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BLheli suite

I downloaded and unzipped Blheli suite and im using windows 10. When I try an run the program it shows in my taskbar and when i hover over it on the taskbar it shows a little picture of the software the way it should be dsiplayed correctly. but i never get a window to use the program show up. i have tried multiple compatibility modes and running as admin.

I am at a loss.

thanks for any help


Winter is coming
You wouldn't be running multiple screens / monitors, would you? That makes me think it's running and just displaying on a different screen.
So this morning I dugout my laptop and put blheli on it. works just fine, wish i new why my main pc wont display properly.
Unfortunately this is a flaw with Windows. It is possible to move a window completely off the screen.
The fix is to move it back where it can be seen, and no, since windows remembers the window's location it will not fix itself. :mad:

You need to use the keyboard to do this. Press <Alt-Spacebar>. A context menu will show up on screen. Note where the menu shows(left, right, top or bottom). Now press the <M> key to select move. Now press the cursor key opposite where the menu showed until the window starts appearing on screen. Keep using the cursor keys until you can grab the title bar. Move it where you want it. Press <ENTER> Done.

Let me know if this works, I have not used Windows 10.
This was a common trick people would play on each other where I worked.
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