BLhelisuite not working...


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I'm building an FT gremlin and I have almost everything working... almost. in TJ video, he clicks the port tab on the bottom
left, then selects his computer port. After that, he clicks connect and it finds all his ESC's but whenever I click connect it opens a tab and says to please connect ESC and power up (cycle power). I took this as plugging in the battery but it dosesn't do anything. can anyone help?

here's the program normally
Capture 1.PNG

here's the program when I try to connect


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I believe (but not 100% sure) the Gremlin EMAX Bullet 6A ESC's are Silabs and not Atmel... Aren't they BLHeli-S ESC's? If so, there is no Atmel version of BLHeliS.

Hope that helps.