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Bloody Wonder motor thrust angle

Hi Guys,
I'm just about to install my motor and esc in my first bloody wonder and I'm not sure if I should add down thrust and right thrust to the motor mount. The last planes I built 15 years ago all had a few degrees of down and right so I was wondering if this plane needs it or should I just mount it flush to the firewall?
When I built mine I did not change the motor mount. After my first flight I ended up using longer screws and putt washers behind the motor to give me down and right thrust. I build two bloody wonders and one needed more down than the other one.



Junior Member
Mine does want to climb when I apply more throttle. Going to WOT is quite a bit of climb. A bit of down thrust would probably help. Physics hasn't changed; stick with what you know :) Of course, you can judge for yourself as well. Washers are easy to add later on.
Thanks guys, I think I'll add the thinnest size washers I have for the first flight and have various thickness's available to change it out at the field.
I'm also most of the way through a baby blender build so I'm thinking that will be a similar consideration for thrust angles.