Blunt Nose Versa or Spear 3D print mod


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I am interested in making a version of either the blunt nose versa or the spear that has 3d printed pieces to allow for wing removal. I am in the beginning stages of brainstorming this and am looking for input. Something like the Parrot Disco would be nice (as I imagine some cross spars/rods would be necessary for strength.) I'm thinking some 3d printed cap/side pieces that could interlock together in between the center storage and each individual wing.

A design like this would allow the plane to be packed much smaller or for wings/center section to be repaired without the need of making an entirely new plane.

Anyone have any thoughts or inputs on this? Is this a path I should continue down, or is it a lost cause?

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SPEAR!!!! the spear is so much better than the versa wing and its design is much newer. Plus it would be easier to remove the wings because you could probably do a three piece wing where the center section and the two wings remove.