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Boat Chase with RC Glider - Phoenix 2000

Hey Guys,

I am new to the forum and relatively new to the hobby. I have flitetest to thank for helping me ease into it without making everything so overwhelming. I have been flying my Phoenix 2000 glider for about 3 months now and I love it. I decided to try something different and try to chase myself in a boat with my brother driving. The first time I tried it the water was super calm with very little wind. After about 10 minutes of flying my brother did a sharp turn while I was close to the boat and my mind went crazy (it's like when you are parked at a stop light and the car beside you starts to roll back a bit and you think you are going forward so you press you brake harder... yah something like that but while I was 3 feet above the water). Needless to say I ended upside-down in the water and the video file was corrupted. A new ESC later and some drying in the sun I was back at it but a lot more cautious not getting so close to the boat.

I hope to get a better camera (gopro black) and make more of these videos next summer.

Let me know if anyone else has tried something like this. I'd love to see other videos.

David it would be awesome if you were in the airboat with the driver and chase the boat with your tricopter. That video was epic and inspired me to do it with my glider.