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Boeing V-22 Osprey - David Windestål


Junior Member
After watching the Flite Test YouTube videos on David's Tri-Rotor I noticed he complained about the speed of the design in being able to keep up with fixed wing aircraft and I thought the Boeing V-22 Osprey would be able to bridge the gap between fixed wing and multi-rotor. The full-scale design provides VTOL for short or lack of a proper runway while maintaining the ability for quick linear travel. The V-22 is also used, at full-scale, to insert troops and equipment or even refueling other aircraft mid-flight. This design may lend itself to carrying video equipment and larger battery packs for extended flight while being able to maintain stationary flight and higher velocity flight in order to stay in-range of fixed wings while Flite Test tests.

Is this something Flite Test would entertain as a challenge?