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bought 2 motors, one feels off.


New member
Hey guys, I've just purchased 2 motors for a twin I'm building, and I noticed that one could spin easier than the other. thinking this was just my mind playing tricks on me I installed both motors and sure enough, when I run them the re is one that seems to have a little bit harder time starting and stops much quicker than the other when I back the power right off.

I'm fairly new to rc in general, so any advice, no matter how trivial, would greatly be appreciated.
Compare the shaft positioning of the motors. Does the shaft in the suspect sit in a different position? If it does, loosen the shaft set screw (if it has one) and adjust as needed. Compare the positions of the bells. If the suspect motor bell is closer to an end of the motor, adjust it to match the other. Disassemble the motors and check for knucky on the inside. Clean is the best you can. Make sure there are no loose magnets.