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I was instantly enamored with my ordered Powerup 4.0 after seeing a "Will it fly challenge with POWERUP 4.0 using balsa-wood gliders" YouTube video. Heading to a local park, I tried to get one of my childhood favorites to fly:
WeChat Image_20210821211732.jpg

Without much planning and with a lot of luck, after taping things down, I was able to get the darn thing to fly perfectly on the first attempt without trimming or playing around with CG! It's quite the testament to the quality of the 4.0 module. To call it beginner friendly is an understatement since I've never done any RC flying other than pc flight sims with fixed viewpoint flying. However, my girlfriend had no sort of hand-eye/gaming experience, yet she was still able to fly it on her first attempt also!

We had so much fun running around, getting it down from a tree, and having more than one hair raising moments where we thought it was going to drop in the nearby duck pond. But fortunately we made it out that evening with nearly 25 minutes of flight time with only one downtime recharge! Being so thrilled with the initial impression, I went all-in with the investment of the hobby. Instead of diving into real RC flying, I made the decision to stick solely to the 4.0 module and any/all the mods it can bring.

One thing i've noticed while reading threads and researching comments is that most people are saying the 4.0 is too underpowered and a gimmick. I recently discovered something amazing that totally blows that out of the water! YouTuber Pulapera pora has posted his LW PLA fully 3D printed 4.0 plane as 52 grams and it flies beautifully! (Screenshot credit to his page)
Screenshot 2021-08-21 214911.png

It goes to yet again show how amazing the 4.0 is and how underestimated/rated it actually is! I would like more people (especially all you seasoned veterans/experts) to take this entry level product seriously to really push the boundaries to see what is possible in terms of power/weight ratio, limits and bigger/greater airworthy designs! Other shout outs to Max Xu and obviously the Flight-Test team for really hammering home the motivation and enthusiasm for me in general!

Ultimately I am here to embrace fellow 4.0 users and to make new friends in general! I am proud to be here as I know there is a lot of history and passion with this hobby. Thank you for taking the time to read this! Nice to meet you all!

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