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Brand New To FPV

My name is Auzy I live in Los Angeles and about 3 months ago I decided I was going to get in to FPV I have been following the hobby for a while but never could afford it. So I started mowing people’s grass in my neighborhood to raise money to build a decent quad that was durable for first flights and had decent parts becuase I want to have it last. I all ready have a transmitter and goggles and a tiny whoop to fly and practice FPV on but I would like to get into freestyle. I have been using Liftoff as my sim to practice acro and basic flying. I need basically everything for a freestyle 5” I was looking at
Martian 2 frame
HypeTrain motors
Dys esc’s
Dys flight controller
Run cam camera
Team black sheep vtx (I have no clue what that is some just told me I need it)
And a spektrum receiver
And that’s all I know I need I would like to build LeDribs quad. All I really need is some info on what is good what isn’t what company’s are good and aren’t etc.