Brilliantly simple low budget cnc gantry



Local young lad came up with this design; While there are a few if's and maybe's to it, I have to respect how brilliantly simple it is to make and assemble.

While the original size might not make it first choice for all kinds of RC modelling cnc tasks as is, I find many of the used solutions could be really helpful ideas for anyone wanting to make/design his or her own low cost CNC setup - Especially the dead simple 3 bearing pipe slide solution, that works much like those of the MPCNC, but can be easily manufactured from cheap parts from any local hardware store. Only thing I'm a little bit doubtful about is if the bearings on the U-bolts will actually stay in place; but there should be a multitude of possible easy fixes for that, should it be an actual problem.

simple pipe slide.jpg simple pipe slide 2.jpg

I also like the simple method of assemblying the tubes and end plates/sides. Threaded rod through the center of the slide pipes, tightened up with nuts at either end to hold the MDF end plates onto the pipe ends. Couldn't be simpler, and makes for an elegantly "clean" looking solution.
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