Brisbane North side Looking for locations to slope.


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Hey all .
I'm located on the north side of brisbane and I'm looking for locations to slope.
Last week i went for a bit of a drive looking for new locations i could fly
when i happened to come across a large hill that looks to be used by the locals as a bit of a lookout.
It gave me the opportunity to try sloping for the first time.
All i can say is Wow .
Probably one of the biggest highlights in the 9 months I've been flying.
Cars were also driving past tooting in approval . It was just a fantastic experience.

However I'm not really sure I should be flying there (could be someone's farm land)

So my Question is .. Are there any fellow flyers on the northside that have slope locations (farms where the owner is ok with people flying on there land) in the Moreton Bay area or there abouts.?
It would be great to even have a flat field nearby i could maiden and test my new builds.

Today i drove up the mountain at Dayboro along Ocean view rd.
Man some of those properties would be amazing to slope.
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There are a few locations on the "Scenic Rim" that would be superb but access is a little problematic.

The simplest and easiest access "Heights" are the cliffs at Redcliffe and Schorncliffe. Whilst both are not of great height they do have the flats to land or crash on when the tide is out AND a narrow strip of land when the tide is in. Beside each of the cliffs is a beach for general landings but subject to public access.

As the cliffs face in different directions when there is a moderate breeze the cliffs can provide an uprising of the air because of the cliff face and so no need to seek out thermals for a moderate duration glide experience.

Just a thought!

Have fun!