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Broken ESC or Naze 32?

Hi guys,

So, my esc's or naze is acting up as you probably saw in the title of the post. I am running the Naze 32 Fc flashed with the Cleanflight/NAZE 1.13.0 Jun 6 2016 firmware. My esc's are blheli rotorgeek 20A paired with red bottoms. Everything was working fine until I transferred the electronics from a Tweaker to a Wolf Pup. Now motor 3 will settle to the min throttle set on cleanflight while the other motors respond to stick inputs. I have already reset the naze and also have calibrated the esc's.



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Hey UrbanDingo, Welcome to the forum!

Now motor 3 will settle to the min throttle set on cleanflight while the other motors respond to stick inputs.

This part, I'm not sure I understand what you mean. So you arm, throttle up, and slowly the rear left motor slows down to the minimum throttle? after it hits minimum it no longer changes with the other controls? Sound right, or have I completely misunderstood you?

First off, try running each motor up in the motors tab (props off, please). If they all behave consistently, including your problem child, the problem is NOT in your ESCs. they can receive and will respond to the commands the Naze is giving. any poor behavior is from the Naze.

Next, recalibrate your accelerometers and check your board mounting to ensure the board is fully secured to the frame.

If that doesn't help, I'd look at the sensor graphs on the motors tab -- move the quad and you should see each axis respond -- gyros respond to motion but go back to 0, accelerometers respond to attitude changes and stay constant when you stop changing attitude. If either of these is not responding, you may have damaged the IMU -- Kinda low probability, but it's possible it can cause this. If the IMU is damaged, you'll need to replace the board.

If the IMU appears to be working fine, turn the "I" parameter in each PID setting to 0 and test again. she won't fly well like this, but this is the only part of the control loop with the ability to cause this. If the problem clears up, bump the I back up to half of what it was and retune the PIDs from there. If this doesn't help and you can't retune to where she will behave . . .

Finally, I'd recommend a complete re-flash -- not just a reset. You can pick the version you already have, but I'd recommend moving up to cleanflight 1.13 (latest version as of this post). SET UP THE BOARD FROM SCRATCH. Using the dump-and-copy method is fine if all goes well, but there's a chance a bad setting is lurking in there. Work through each tab and it shouldn't be more than a few minutes.


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What exactly do you mean by "responds to stick input"? Do they respond like they should, and to the gyros too, or do the sticks just act as separate throttles for each motor individually? If its the first, re-calibrate the ESCs. If its the second... Cleanflight can "pass" some channels through to the motor rails without the need for additional software configuration, but I'd wonder how this got changed.

Keep looking :)