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Broken Trojan


Senior Member
F.Y.I. Be sure to use a battery strap!

I guess Josh Bixler isn't the only one who can sling off a canopy. Now I have an excuse to repaint to something more pleasant.
Had a similar crash when I put in a motor upgrade. Had a thin ply battery tray with a velcro strap to secure the battery, but no velcro on the ply itself. Strap wasn't tight enough, when full elevator was applied on throttle up and takeoff the battery slid to the rear, causing a violently tail heavy condition.

Plane came down noseless with the wing popped out of its saddle.

Repaired and flown again many times since then. Velcro on the ply tray now as well as the strap.

Foam Tac will make yours all better.

Or as the rednecks would say "That'll buff out"
Ah.. That's barely a scratch.

A few drops of epoxy and we'll be back up!

If I can peel myself away from reno air race videos on YouTube. I really like the Rare Bear!