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Bronco Battery Question...


So... I've got the Bronco built, same electronics as the power pack B. I'm planning on flying it with the 2200 Mah 3s 20-30C discharge rate batteries that I have for the maiden, but I'm wondering... I have a 5000 Mah 3s 25-35C sitting around too. Is that something I could try flying with? Do I need to change props or anything? I've watched the batt videos and tried to read up on what might happen, but I'd like YOUR professional advice!



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I would strongly suggest you fly your Bronco with the 2200mAh until you are fully confident with it and understand any quirks it may have.
You will also by then know exactly where the best CofG position is.
Only then would I consider a flight with more than double the battery weight.
It still should fly fine but increasing the wing loading (and at the same time decreasing the power loading) is likely to make any aerodynamic issues that much more significant and the results of any crash that bit worse!
Thanks, that's kinda what I figured. Just wanted to be sure I wasn't missing anything. I'll get proficient flying it on the 2200 before I get all experimental on her! Thanks again