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Brushelsss Delta Ray with SAFE


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The Delta Ray was my first 4 channel plane. I got it in Dec and crashed in horribly in early January trying a loop too close to the ground at too low an airspeed. I took off the nose and destroyed two of the motors. In troubleshooting the motors i damaged the ESCs on the main board. I bought a new Delta Ray to replace the broken one but kept the old one around for spare parts or a future project.

jump forward to this month and my FT mini cruiser crashing into a lake. All of the electronics survived so I needed a place to put them. i built a couple of minis but they didn't seem like a fitting home for my A twin power pack. After seeing Peter and Josh bind two receivers on a recent episode i got an idea. Would the old RX arm SAFE and AS3X and function without the motors? Could i bind a Lemon RX for the motors and use the HH brick for the elevons and SAFE? Some quick testing showed that even without motors the plane responded as it should and all modes worked.

The AUX and Gear channel are already taken so I didn't set up differential thrust. I did realize later that the rudder channel is not being used so adding differential will be the next modification.

Performance with a 2S battery with 6x3 and 5x3 3 blade props was lackluster - it seems weaker than stock. On a 3s battery the plane really came to life, handling the win nicely.

Next up is setting up differential, installing counter-rotating We were running the plane off of two batteries, the stock 1300 2s for the HH brick and a 500mAh 2s or 800mAh 3s (which fell out over a field) for the motors. We are going to modify some connectors to use a 200mAh 2s for the SAFE RX and make room for a bigger 3s.

I video is uploading now.

Thanks to the Josh Bixler of the valley of the Sun, Notreallyme for the help.

I ordered a Delta Ray Motor Fairing Set and found that the 1806 motors screwed in there was a vent hole for the wiring. IMG_2397.JPG


Posted a thousand or more times
When we were replacing the EC2 with a JST to use smaller batteries (I should have just got with an adapter) battery leads got swapped during soldering and the HH brick smoked. It even took out the servos. Now the old delta ray is fully brushless with a Lemon RX. I tested it today and an 800mAh 3s fits nicely. I have a 1000 on order. I got 8min and the battery was still at 3.75V resting. The plane is still not fast but it will nearly hover with 5x3x3s. The 3-blades seem better than 6x3s. Oh it has counter rotating props now. I have differential setup at 50%.
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