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brushid motors


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Hi every one i was planing to build a flaying model airplane with a stayrophom Bord but i am facing a problem to get this brushiles motors and 3 Chanel transmitr and receivers so is there any way of using a remote control toy care paters ore tape recorder motor for this project plies help me auto
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An RC car's parts could probably work, since you would have everything you needed in terms of electronics. Lots of RC cars are only 2-channel, though. It is possible to make a 2-channel plane: usually you use throttle to control pitch and elevation, and the second channel is some kind of rudder.

If you wanted to use a tape recorder motor or just another motor laying aorund, you would still need a speed controller and receiver, so you might as well go brushless if you are buying new parts.

Jnr Kuzi

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Welcome to FT Forums, I Got you on this one.

It is possible but its really time consuming.
Follow these steps i will lay down for you.

Tools Needed :
-hot glue gun and glue sticks
-soldering gun and soldering wire
-box cutter,knife
-sand paper

Steps :
01- open,dismantle and disassemble the toy car & tape recorder fully (but dont cut any cables in the cars circuit system)

02 -make your plane/glider (make sure its light weight)

03 - since small toy cars have 2 motors on the, you need to cut the motor used to control the turning of the car and then replace it with a simple magnetic homemade acutator (similar to a linear servo)

04 - place the motors,reciever in this order.
the motor that was at the back of the car should go to the front of the plane and then the acutator should go to the back to you can control throttle and direction.

I wish i could make a better tutorial for you, but i am using a cellphone to type and im really tired because i was fetching water, i think i will make a good article over the weekend with pictures.
In the meantime, just go on youtube.com and search for "mutjamusa & granddadisanoldma" they have nice diy home projects.
Have a good day and welcome to the forum.


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Is there any particular version you maye propose to work with stayerophom and rimote controlled toy car(2 channel) partes


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thankes for your responc but my problem is brushiles motors and the ather electronics partes are not avelabel in my local market so that is my problem when we com to the teap recorder motor i think the rpm is to slow so what do you proposs


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No budget limitations... I take it then that the problem to get the parts needed is all on the shipping issue.

A car can be used for parts, although it also depends on what car it is we're talking about, because the size of the motor is important. Also there is an issue with brushed motors being that they tend to be pretty heavy considering the power output they have.

I think the first thing you should try to look into is about getting a radio sorted out first, because no matter what you build you are going to need that. If, for example, you have problems getting motors but can get hold of a radio, say a four channel for example, then you can always start off making a glider which would have no need for motor, and ESC or even a LiPo battery, and then work on from there. Where have you been looking in order to get a radio? Have you been limiting yourself to Hobbyking or have you been looking elsewhere like for example Banggood?


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If there is no budget limitation, just to with a beginner RTF plane, those fly good right out of the box and you'll have fun with it.


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thank you i was planing to use the 2 Chanel radio of the car and for the motor i was thinking of modifying a hard drive motor what do you think of that?