Buddy boxes


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Hello all! So buddy boxes I've dine them before on 72mhz but obviously been a minuet. I've got a futaba 7C now square plug. Looming for advice how to buddy box. Can a 72mhz convertered to fasst use the buddy cable the same way? I'm not having a lot of luck figuring out how to get it to work


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There was a plug for square connectors back when this stuff was new. I have an universal transmit module on my 6 EX that plugs there. Havent seen anything like it since 2020 but they were available from now bankrupt places. If you are daring and have a test meter, you can tap into that plug and build your own as it was just a low voltage variable PWM signal. New stuff is all digital many bit words. Or it could still be available online from Futaba since they still carry parts for my 1970's AM. Somewhere I have my 6 EX to AM buddy cord because I wanted to foolishly teach my kids to fly.