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Buddy RC YouTube Channel - Love, TJ Williams

The Apache Pass RC Ice House Fly-In is going to be an huge event with an even bigger raffle! While we unfortunately won't be there personally our friends at RC Scrap Pile will be there representing us with their OMP planes! And bringing a TON of items for the raffle!

Ice House Website : https://b-rc.co/icehouse2020
Apache Pass FB Page : https://b-rc.co/apachepass_FBpage
Apache Pass FB Group : https://b-rc.co/apachepass_FBgroup
RC Scrap Pile : https://www.facebook.com/rcscrappile/

What are we donating for raffle??
ARF Edge : https://b-rc.co/edge_balsa_arf
ARF Challenger : https://b-rc.co/arf_challenger
PNP Bighorn No Flap : https://b-rc.co/bighorn_pnp_noflap
T-720 : https://b-rc.co/t720
S-720 : https://b-rc.co/s720
EOLO Props : https://b-rc.co/EOLO_Props