Build: 5 motor Electrohub


Considerations and math

Ok, so I am a little short of thrust in this configuration to fly with the full gimbal setup.

A few considerations and math:

An Y6 configuration doesn't give 5 times 700 gram thrust per motor with 10x5 props. Since the bottom props are located in the prop wash of the upper props, they loose about 20% efficiency. Which, in my case, defeats the purpose.

Bigger motors are heavier, also defeats the purpose. And 4s lipo's too.

The MT2213's I have are rated for 12 amps. Give or take. And when equipped with 11x4.7 APC slowfly props, they draw just above that. While producing 820 gram thrust. Given the configuration this copter has now and all motors attached to one lipo, this will result in a total thrust of a little above 4000 gram. Which will bring me around the minimum thrust:weight ratio of 2:1 again.

So best option so far as it seems is simply use 11" props on this copter.