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build. kk2 tricopter i need So, help

So, I'm building an rcexplorer tricopter, and for a control board, I have purchased a kk2,
no point one or mini, thanks to readytoflyquads. I soldered all my little pins and plugged it all in and... im up a river i thought oh it will have an older firmware ill get the usb adaptor and update it after all the soldering is done. Not so easy, readytofly doesnt have them and hobbyking is perpetually out of stock.
I tried pokeing around on ebay, and I dont like ebay.
Another few hours where spent trying to use the software already onboard, I may be a bit stuck in an imitative rut. The main reason I chose the kk2 was the wonderful set up video David Windestal posted on youtube. the firmware I have is very far from what he is using. I haven,t figured it out yet.

I had an idea..
Is there anyone out there who knows the kk boards, and has the usb programmer, who might be willing to sit down with me and help me change firmware once?
The tricopter could come together.
I can place an order for the programmer from someone worth ordering from, or whoever you recommend.
coming up on the first of the month of April I will be traveling from Arkansas to northern Minnesota by car. my little idea come to fruition would be for someone living on or abouts my way up would be willing to take some time and meetup!
I know its not a perfect idea but it is mine and i think its worth putting out there.

I should be able to buy you a meal and we can have a chat about stuff that flies.

please reply if you or someone you know might be willing
then we can logisticize.
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To bad I'm not anywhere near there, but I found my programmer on amazon. From I understand the "original" firmware is not even worth trying to fly with.