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Build Thread: Event 3D (with LED´s) REBUILD


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Hey guys,

so like I said here is the rebuild thread of my Event 3D.

Yesterday holidays started here in Germany so I started today building it and got quite far. It will be finished either tonight or the latest tomorrow. The first time I built it, it took me a week and now I went down to two days because I used the full time available (stand up in the morning, breakfast, building, dinner, building, posting in Flite Test :D )

So today in the morning I started by gettin 3 paper thick pieces of paper and draw tha shape of the wing on it. I needed that part 4 times because the wings will have an airfoil.


After being done now with cutting all the less neceessary paper shapes let´s put a new blade on for very neat, nice and perfect cuts.


Now here are the 4 pieces cut.


Here you can see the leading edges cut down a bit, so that when it comes to glueing them, the glue has a surface to stick to. By doing this you increase the area a bit, what makes it easier to glue.


First now put two leading edges infront of each other and put some sticky tape on them same as shown in the pic.


Now we need to fold the wing down completely so that the tape can get into place without gettin lose. If so push it onto the depron. (Btw. I´m using nearly everywhere 3mm depron)


Here are the two wings again


Now for the airfoil we need to put a stripe of depron within the wing to create a basic shape for the airfoil. Here I´m puttin some glue on for it.



Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Here you can see the stripe I glued on for the airfoil


And this is me holding the wing down, so you can see the function of that depron stripe


Now decided to glue 6 LED´s on the wing tips! Looks really nice when the lights are on! That is the LED´s just glued on with the adhesive.


To connect the two wings I use a 33cm long piece of balsa which is strengthened by 2 carbon fiber (flat) rods. First I only glue it in the bottom of the balsa. Then I hold the part that goes into the wing next to that stripe of depron for the airfoil (The balsa wood is going to stick to it) But because that stripe is at an angle and no just one big long square, I needed to cut away a bit of the balsa wood wherever the balsa was higher than the stripe of depron. So when it comes to sticking the wings together, the wingconnector will find into its place, before being fixed with epoxy.


Now here I just put some glue on it to finally fold the wing forever! Onto the edges comes some normal glue (UHU POR) and into the middle, so right in between the two parts I filled it with epoxy.
Then I need to fold and hold the wing until it holds itself (Doesn´t take too long)
Here you can see the glue on them


And here after the glue dried enough to hold the wing itself


And here the wings with the lights on :D awesome isn´t it?


Now after having finished the wingconecctor as well, I started cutting out the main body/fuselage. It´s made out out of four big parts. Firstly I cut a big depron plate in the middle but I didn´t cut through completely. I only made a slight cut to be able to fold the depron so that when I cut the depron once, I immediately have the two sides of the fuselage. First the shape out of paper



Crazy flyer/crasher :D
And here the fuselage sides, but I left the bottom side together so that what will be the outer surface of the plane will stay protectd, while I glue stuff.


Now we need some kind of shaft the landing gear is gonna slide in. So this is how its made. On the drawn line I added a piece of depron on the right and on the left of it so I had a slot to push the gear in. Sorry but I think here I havend had them glued on yet. In one of the bottom pictures with the fuselage you can see the piece of depron inside the main body.


Now the other big parts of the fuselage cut and glued on one half.


And here both halfes together. Just before I glued the second half on, I cut through that connection, between the two fuselage halfes, because they were still together because I didn´t cut through completely when I cut that bottom side of the fuselage, if you remember!


Here the front and the back of the plane filled with pieces of depron. (Only the front part is made out of 6mm depron so far.)

Front view. This is where the motormount out of balsa is gonna go on.


And rear view. I didn´t close the full rear because I still need to slide in the elevator!


Last thing for today, cut an 45° angle onto the top sides of the two fuselage sides to get some surface for the glue. The problem here was that pushing this down over a lenth of about 70 cm wasn´t that easy. So I had to put every few centimeters a stripe of sticky tape to hold it for me. I always try not to use any sticky tape on depron because when you remove that tape, it will leave a mark, it won´t rip the depron, but just leave an ugly mark that I don´t like. But this time I ordered some paint so I can hopefully overpaint those marks :D
From the side


And a little frontview. It looks kinda not straight on the pic but that is an illusion, because the camera was pointed at a small angle :D


Yeah that´s it for today I think. I might be working on it later this evening, but hopefully tomorrow I can fly it, if the wheater´s good.


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Thanks to both of you! I am currently again working on it :D My mum wants me to get it done as soon as possible, because as you can probably tell on the pictures, my room always is a mess, when I start building something :D


Hey guys. I got the plane finished but I don´t know why I can´t upload the pictures. Wierd thing. I´ll try again later.
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Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Sooo yeah now this is the second and last day of building my Event 3D.

First of all I needed to close the front up with some 6mm Depron (I did this yesterday evening to leave it glue over the night) The reason I used 6mm Depron, was that I can give it a nice round shape with some sandpaper.


This is the hatch I made, (also left to glue over the night.)
The bottom/flat side of the hatch was made with 6mm Derpron because when it comes to putting the hatch onto the Event I can mark the place I need to cut away from the right and left side of the hatch so that it the hatch itself goes down into the fuselage like 3mm or so.


Here is the motor mounted with the ESC inside the fuselage.


The elevator shape.


The Rudder shape. The rudder itself I took from my old Event that my dad crashed. It was one of a few parts that I was able to rescue after the crash.


My homemade pushrodsystem. Also taken from my old Event. Took me hours to them last time.


The wingconnector needs to be fixed with one of the wings with some epoxy.


Elevator cut out and strengthened with a few carbon rods.



Crazy flyer/crasher :D
The servos are also secured with some epoxy.


Elevator glued in.


Back end closed up completely. This is where the rudder is going to go on.


The gear mounted. Now that wood you can see there was slided into the shaft I had glued to each side of the fuselage. This was also secured with some epoxy.


Cover for my front.



Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Closed front :D Will be made more nicely with some sandpaper later on


First wing to go on the Event!!!


Aaaaand second wing finally done!!!! I think I left out mounting the rudder but thats fairly easy and straight forward.


Little "insight"


Wingtips with lights on in the dark!!!




Here are the specs for anyone who likes:

Widthspan: about 1000 mm
Length from nose to tail : 1070 mm
Motor: 1700kv 19 grams Torcster Brushless Outrunner
ESC: Torcster ECO V2 10Amps
Prop: GWS 8x4,3
Servos: All 4 servos are 4,3 grams (without the additional weight of the wires that I soldered on to get the length I need)

Anything else just ask :D
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Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Looks nice!!!

An different but intereseting other way of making an airfoil!! I realised that you use a very similar motor :D

Im just gonna add the electronics specs in one of the upper posts :D
I used the same setup I use on indoor foamies

I built the same wing with spars on another box model. super strong wing indeed - never failed on me.



Crazy flyer/crasher :D
I agree! it is super strong.

I´ve been doing with my first Event all kinds of 3D flying (if you wanna call my skills so) even thought I can´t fly really good and often there were some high G turns or a near crash situation, but the wings never folded!!


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Haha, I remember that time when I was sooooo addicted to lego!

Thanks for your hopes colorex.

I´m pretty excited about how this one flies. The first was flying reeeaaally nice and let´s see. Today the wheather wasn´t that nice. Maybe tomorrow.


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Yeah, I do. But they are written in german language and from a german website.

I can give you the link if you want but the thing is that the whole description of all the things you do during the build are also in german.

Do you want it?


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Hey guys,

Yesterday I received a order including 2 cans of spraycolors for foam!

The colors are a dark blue and a very bright yellow.

Does anyone have good ideas for a 3 color design on the Event? (blue, yellow and of course the white of the depron itself)

I searched a bit and didn´t find anything particulary nice. Maybe we can come up with something together and create our own design.

Did anyone see a nice 2/3 color desing?
Do you have any tips for using those spraycans/bottles (or however you wanna call them)?

I have never ever used them before and I don´t want to mess it up!

Also I got a new prop for the Event which makes it finally go vertical !