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Building a 250% FT Spear, need help with wing construction!


Hi Guys,

As the title suggests, I'm building a giant 250%, FT Spear. I have no idea how to build the wings as I have no large enough depron sheets.

In the original 100% plasn the wings are made from single sheets of brown foam board but as the plans are gigantic I'm unable to make the wing out of just one piece. Just to be clear I am working with 6mm and 4mm depron with no paper on them.

Appreciate the help.


Old and Bold RC PILOT
The wing structure is entirely up to your preference. It can be an internal and load bearing, frame work covered by a depron skin, a built up depron framework with spar covered with card or heavy paper, or ...................too many options!

It all relies upon what construction methods you wish to use or explore.

The smaller sheet size and the need to join the sheets is not great issue as there are numerous methods of joining sheets whilst retaining strength.

Having built a few designs in depron I would suggest a rib and spar wing structure, Ribs from depron and the spar/s from CF or wood. Skin the Depron of course and possibly taped for a little resilience from hanger rash.

If you have a little more info on the materials you wish to use and the construction/design methods you are comfortable using then further or better information might be forthcoming.

Have fun!


Thanks for the reply, guess I'll go with joining the sheets, as i do not have any experience with any of the other types of construction methods.

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