Building a Junior Ace


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Not using streamline for the cabanes? cub struts were free a while back when they failed the punch test at the base.

If you thought building ribs was boring just wait until you cover and have to stitch ribs. Think I had something like 800 knots in each wing panel, and I was only 150 kts VNE.
Plans have the cabanes made from round tube. The lift struts are streamline tube. I haven't bought that yet, and I believe they are short enough that a set of cub struts can be cut to fit.
There are lots of little things like that on this plane that make for a simpler build, but there is a drag and/or appearance penalty for it.
Some day, after I get the plane flying I'd like to go through and clean things up aerodynamically by adding fairings to the cabanes and all the strut attach points. The far-off fantasy is to test things like adding an airfoil to the tail surfaces, or even experimenting with an aluminum wing. That is not this project though. The first step is finishing the plane. Then getting my pilots' certificate.

I'm actually kind-of excited to do rib-stitching. I did a little at a Sun-n-Fun workshop; it's kind-of meditative.