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Building a Versa, have problems with clean flight/naze32!


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Hello, first time posting!

As the title states I started my versacopter build over the weekend and when I went to test the motors in clean flight I get error beeps (I assume that's what they are...). Also I ordered the versa kit with the new "better" e-pack motors, maybe that's causing the problems? I'm following the original video Josh made for setting up the naze32.

Here is a video showing the errors that I've encountered: https://youtu.be/qzYrnpCOJRI

If anyone of you guys can explain whats going on that would be greatly appreciated.

I found out what was wrong!! Instead of starting clean flight at 100% throttle I started at 0% when plugging in the battery, then moving the throttle to 100%, finally the quad fully armed it's self.
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