Building First Plane - I have a Motor What Next lol


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Building My First Plane - Quality Cheap Rc Plane

Hi i want to build a rc air plane, i own a few cheap quad copters and 2ch rc planes but i really wanted to build a 4 channel plane from scratch.

i purchased a 1400Kv Brushless Outrunner Motor from ebay but now i'm lost, what sort of stuff will i need now, dont even know how powerful a 1400kv motor is.

I know i need servos but i wasn't sure what size
I think i need a speed control
A battery
A brick
A Receiver

Could anyone help me get my electrics & prop in order so that they will safely run with my 1400Kv Brushless Outrunner Motor. Last thing i want is for the battery to blow up in my hand or worse purchase a whol heap of stuff thats not compatible .
( did i mention im really new to the hobby - )

I've been watching the beginner videos from flitetest and they have been helpful understanding how it all works ( )

Just to add im trying to build this thing for next to nothing, the motor cost like 9$ AUD kinda hoping i can get all the parts for cheap off ebay.
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1400kv doesn't tell you how powerful a motor is - it tells you that it will revolve at 1400rpm per volt. The numbers (i.e. 22/12) tell you a bit more, but generally there will be a thrust figure for a given voltage and a given prop that will tell you the most.

Starting with a motor and building a plane around it is probably not the best way to start. Watch some flitetest vids, pick a plane you like the look of, and follow the recommendations for motor, esc, battery given.

Good luck


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If you're starting from the motor, the key thing will be figuring out how much thrust is will produce with a couple different prop options. Once you have the thrust figured out in either grams or watts (look up the manufacturer info if you can) then you know how much weight you can haul around for a given performance envelope you're looking for.

There's a good website that walks through this stuff over at lots of articles in there.

However, as a first fixed wing experience, it's likely to be very confusing too. Give some serious thought to @Snafu's suggestion. :)

Good luck!


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Often when a motor is ordered the online store will suggest an ESC match for it. If you can identify which motor you have you might try this at various sources to see what is recommended. Even if you don't find the exact motor as long as you match the specs you should still be able to find some suggestions from the online stores.

I would say the ESC and motor are the most important to match right. There are important factors in choosing the rest but generally my motors and ESC's are basically married until death do they part. Props are right there too since it's all about a load and the ability to handle the load.

After that there's more wiggle room depending on the platform and the type of flying you want to do.

You'll find lots of help here in the forum. Be ready to give specific details so you can be helped better.

Welcome to the hobby.


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cheers for your advice guys really helpful tips.

@Snafu sorry i thought the kv part was important lol but here is what the motor is not sure it helps

( A2212 ) 1400Kv Brushless Outrunner Motor For Airplane Aircraft Quadcopter BE0D

Im guessing the A 22 12 means something then ;)

cheers @rockyboy for the Rc advisor link ill have a detailed look over that when i get a sec.

thanks @JimCR120 really appreciate your input.


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cheers for your advice guys really helpful tips.

@Snafu sorry i thought the kv part was important

No worries Austeyr - the KV is important too as it tells you the speed of the motor, and that determines the prop size you can use.

22/12 is a standard motor for medium sized planes and on a 3S produces about 800g of thrust with a 8 x 4 prop - here's a link to the emax page with all the thrust figures for the various props / battery choices

As you can see, with the right prop, this motor will pull 19 amps, so you'd need a 25amp+ speed controller (make sure you buy one with a BEC (battery elimination circuit) as some ESCs for multirotors now come without one). For a small to medium sized plane 9g servos will be big enough, though if it's an expensive plane you'd probably be better spending a little extra on metal geared servos.

Feel free to ask questions, we all had to learn this stuff


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Another way you can progress is to find another plane (either scratch built or off the shelf) with the same motor and copy its configuration!


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@ snafu thank you so much mate my next question was gonna be what esc should i be getting so i didn't blow anything up but you where 2 steps ahead cheers so much mate.

i'm thankful now i waited because i was going to buy they smaller servos lol.

@jugsy cheers thats a great idea.


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So heres what i have purchased

. 2-4S 30AMP 30A SimonK firmware Brushless ESC w/BEC Quad Multi copter APM I
. 4pcs Metal Gear 9g Micro RC Servo for Align Trex 450 RC Helicopter Airplane U
. 2pcs Plastic APC Propeller Prop APC0801A 8x4" for RC Model R/C Airplane
. 4ch 2.4Ghz Transmitter remote controller Set with 6 Ch Receiver For RC Plane
. A2212 1400Kv Brushless Outrunner Motor For Airplane Aircraft Quadcopter BE0D

all up spent about 100 $ on ebay for all the gear cheap cheap :)

just need a battery and foam and i think i'm done.
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Don't forget about Hobbyking for bits / spares - they are probably the cheapest RC suppliers around, but yes, it looks like you have everything covered now, you'll need a lipo charger too though.

As you are in Australia, have a look at as he makes some lovely planes and links to Australian stores for building materials etc.

Let us know how you get on?

Good luck