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building flite test and hobby awareness

Flite Risk

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Just had a brilliant idea.
Super cheap,
Super easy,

The goal is that of increasing public/community/neighborhood awareness and possibly increasing FT membership numbers by increasing the visibility of Flite Test through the efforts if it's active community members and volunteers around the nation and world.

This could be implemented through the use of vinyl wraps or signage on community members are volunteers cars inviting people to visit all the regular social media locations.

How could this foundation be built upon?
I am curious to hear feedback.

Stefan can you hear me?

- Chris from Delaware


Troll Spammer
I have had a FT Sticker on the back of my car for several years. Just got my first question about it in a parking lot this past winter. They were already FT aware though.


Flite Risk

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What kind of sticker was it? Just the words flight test with the gremlin?

I am talkin about images of flight test planes, with
Phrases like "learn to fly without leaving the ground". Or other phrases that would incite wonder or curiosity and thought about RC flight that challenge the stigma of RC flight costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars to get into.
They could even reference the stem program.

withaddresses and social media references on the vinyl wrap/sticker

Something that's a little larger too, maybe the size of a door panel.

"Have you tested flight?
-Affordable RC for everyone"
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I always post stuff for aviation and flight awareness. Honestly though with all the new stuff with dji and the FAA, people really do need to get educated on what a drone is. I am always flying airplanes (Sometimes Drones) , and when people tell me not to fly my airplanes because they think it is a drone? Really sad that people don't know what an airplane even is nowadays. Really hoping and praying that the FAA can work something out that sends a good positive image plan for both drone and airplane hobbyist.

I guess the best thing we can do is be patient, and try to educate the general public the best we can. My hope is that DJI can get their stuff together to maybe not allow anyone with the money power to fly their drones without getting educated on how you should be using it first.

Flite Risk

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try to educate the general public the best we can.
But how do you educate without a mode of contact? We need to advertise our little corner of the hobby to be able to engage the general public. However we need to advertise in such a way that will set them down the right path.

DJI's path: buy a ready to fly "drone" at best buy, and fly it anywhere. -that is ruining the hobby.

FT's path: Join the community, learn how the hobby is enjoyed safely and respectfully by watching content that is thoughtfully created with best practice and best interest of the longevity of the hobby in mind.

To accomplish that, it is my belief that FTHQ should use its most valuable natural resource,
Its community. We did after all help get a golf course purchased. If we can do that I'm sure we can find 100 or even 1,000 people who would put some vinyl on their car.

Think about it, 100 pieces of vinyl the size of a door panel or out in the world giving the general public a specific place to go to learn about the hobby the right way.

This will work.

All people dream of flight most dont know where to start. Lets help them.