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Building some quadcopters, confused about motors


i'm new to quadcopters and while i've read a lot and watched a lot of videos i don't have the experience of different combinations to get what i want first time so i was wondering if you guys could give me some advice :)

I'm in my final year of electronic engineering and i'm building an autonomous quadcopter. I have to design the chassis, control system and software.
I'm thinking of using the raspberry pi with an atmega 328 to control the quadcopter with many sensors and I think for this project i'm going to build a H-quadcopter like the one josh built:

For this quadcopter i was wondering what motors are good?
8x4 props, 3s 2-3AH battery. I'm not looking to do anything aerobatic.

Because i'm interested in quadcopters i want to make a couple of personal builds with flight controllers and transmission. probably KK2 and a turnigy transmitter.

I want to build a standard quadcopter and a V copter like davids build because it looks badass. the standard quadcopter first:
Turnigy Talon Quadcopter (V2.0) Carbon Fiber Frame 550mm
with 9x4.5 props or 10x5 and a 4s battery

what motors are suitable?
is this any good "NTM Prop Drive Series 35-30 1100kv / 380w"

i guess my question simplified is:
How can i search through a mess like this for motors suitable for a certain propeller size and max power?

Thank you for your time :)

I look forward to become an experienced quadcopterist and giving back to the community

p.s. flitetest is awesome


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
Those motors are very suitable to a 10X4.5 prop with a 3S battery. Drop to an 8" prop with a 4S battery.