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Burnt KK2?


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Sooo I have question for anyone to answer...I got my new frame today and started to build it. As I had all elektroniks install I started with engine1 and esc, plugged it in and work as it should. Got engine 1 and 2 turning the right way..Perfect! And then when I had plugged in all 4 engine and turned it on I got the startup noise and the display lit up but then nothing! And it started to smell like varm elektroniks. The yellow component on the KK2 got very varm and now nothing works....Did my KK2 burn up for some reason or what?! :( It has been working perfectly until now...Anybody els who has been misfortune with this as well?



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I have tried doing that and it´s all the same...The lcd lits upp I hear a arming noise but then nothing and the kk2 board starts to get warm and smell funky. But what I really wanna know is why it all the sudden decided to burn upp
I have the same problem right now. I had a short that I fixed on one of my motors, but I think it damaged my esc because when I plugged that esc in I got the same thing. LCD is on but blank and the USBasp cant reflash anymore. Anyone have a fix?


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I,m no expert, but usually when electronic components start letting off some kind of "funky" smell, and stop behaving like there supposed to behave, it's time to go to the WWW and order replacements. If you have some skills in that area, you can figure out which component on the board is fried, get the number and order a replacement.


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The yellow component is a filter capacitor and if it burned chances are other components on the power rail did as well. Can you show a picture of your board, front and back side AFTER the problem occurred?



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Do your ESCs all have BECs? or all OPTO? could be the case you connected 1,2 (seperate 5v lanes) then connected 3/4 and fried the whole thing... the unfortunate thing is, once fried it'll never work like it should...

Also, problems like this happened to me before with the kk2.0. in my case something got fried and M1 connector powered the board, RADIO1 powered the lcd backlight and M8 powered the servo... (using 30A OPTO ESCs on tricopter) after a while the board did not start at all... it's a hit or miss, and with a lot of money flying around, (gopro hero 3 + 4000mAh LiPo battery + 3x NTM motors + carbon props,) i'm not going to be relying on a product that has failed on me before, i'm returning my kk2.0 and continue with a APM2.5+

This does not mean the product is bad, its just not reliable enough for me.
How did you hook it up, exactly? Left side and M1 share power line, M2-M8 has a separate line. One power source for each line. Did you get the polarity right?
I know it has been a long time since this question was posted, but I almost screwed my KK2.0 while testing the voltage alarm input, just manually connecting the battery balance lead in there (it worked), when removing it I accidentally touched the yellow component, hopefully in the ground leg (if there is any), the cable burned in my hand there were sparks and smoke, but the board still seem to be OK, also my battery, except for the burned marks in one of the yellow component's legs and in the battery balance plug.
Looks like it might be the filter cap (you can see the discoloration on the rear) but why would it do that?
I was looking for what that component could be and you guys replied it here, if this was the faulty component you can find replacements for sale on the web, just look for 107A capacitor. Although I don't think that is the problem.
If you look at the picture showing the rear of you kk2, there is discoloration on the piezo buzzer 5v connectors (not the filter capacitor), they can be shorted. I would look closer at those connections and look for short circuits using a multimeter.

Hope it helps