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Bush Plane Challenge III, 2022


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Shrubsmacker 1.0 has been on a few flights, and for how quickly and badly I put her together, she flies better than I expected! Zips around on 3S but manages 2S just fine, too. As others have experienced, she is also a tad tail heavy.

But, now that proof of concept has been successful, version 2 is on the build table. I'm using leftover foam containers for a bunch of parts to save weight, mainly on the tail section, and I think I might end up removing most of the paper on the final build to see how light I can get this plane.

I'm moving the servos inside the fuselage and more forward. I also want the wheels about 1cm longer/taller to clear the long grass a bit easier.
I also have a hankering to make a clear cockpit, so with some additional coffee stir sticks and laminating film/clear plastic found around the kitchen, I'll have a possible clear cabin... The film/plastic can even be glued in-between the outer fuselage and the doublers.

As much as possible, Gorilla Glue and thin packing tape will be used instead of hot glue.
On the outset, I'm hoping to get this plane under 200g AUW for the maiden.
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Shrubsmacker v2 has been completed!
I couldn't get it under 200g AUW, but it gets there without the lipo. I think if I didn't go overboard with creating a clear cockpit (and subsequently needing lots of heavy coffee stir-stick reinforcement), I would have gotten to that goal weight. But it looks so much better! Worth the weight, I think.
PXL_20220923_173354574.jpg PXL_20220923_173401975.jpg PXL_20220923_173524156.jpg
With all the messing around, I also think I got the CG in a better position, and no need for shoving the lipo as far forward as possible this time.

If the weather cooperates, it will be maidened this weekend.
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Not enough time with school but I will be building a double wander and completing the challenges at high sierra. Anybody else going to come? (I asked around and while not a good idea during the day, flying RC at night is acceptable 🤠)