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Busted by my 19 month old niece

I have to share this story cause I'm still grinning about it.

Last night we had a big family do at my place, problem was I just got my hands on some parts for my RC car and I was dieing to get it backup and running. So I thought I could just sneak out to my shed for 5 - 10 minutes at a time do a bit of work then go back inside. By the end of the night I'd have it up and running again and no one would know.

This worked quite well until about the 4th shed visit when my wife came out with my 19 month old niece. My niece had spotted me slipping out the door and grabbed my wife's hand and said 'come'. My niece lead my wife outside in an effort to follow me. My wife saw the light in the shed on and then I was busted.



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That's so funny! I get busted all the time!!!!!!

Women are really good at that . . even at 19months of age :applause: