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Buying advice


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Hi everybody !

I'm interested in building the nutball but, since I'm living in France,it's expensive for me to order at hobbyking, so I'm looking for these servos :

Would they be ok ?

And what about this motor ?
with this ESC :

Maybe this would be better :

Thanks :)
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Also on a side note. I've bought a few things from that seller and the experience I had was excellent. All the shipments arrived from Hong Kong to Canada in just over 1 week.


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Thanks a lot !
Maybe I'm asking too much but do you have tutos on how to choose motors / ESC / Lipo. I only found a How to choose props :)

Thanks again I'll order :p
That lipo should be fine, I built one with a 1000mAh battery it was still good.

I never had a problem with customs in Canada with that seller. It's usually marked as 'gift' and the declared value was never over $20. Then again, I've never ordered something from him over $20. And I'm not sure what the customs regulations are in France :S