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I know nothing!
This thread is a simple repository of links to my plane builds. The hope is that others may learn from my mistakes and benefit from the experience of someone who has already built the plane that you are thinking about building.

There are only two ways that you, dear forum member, found this thread. Either you're digging deep into the forum, trying to learn all you can, or you clicked on the link in my signature. Good on you on either count!

This will naturally be a running list, as I post all my builds.

Tiny Trainer - This was my first plane. What a debacle and a journey it turned out to be! Some were wondering if I was even going to fly.
Mini Scout - My first scratch build that now hangs on my wall. When built correctly, it's a beautiful little plane! When it's not...
SE-5 - Was intended to be a combat plane for my son. We were never really happy with how it flew. She's a squirly girl, for sure!
DR-1 - This was to be my combat plane. I ended up doing some experimentation and watching a triplane ZOOM across the sky!
Simple Scout - Still the smoothest flying plane I've flown. My son learned that it makes a pretty good kite!
Baby Blender Extended by jpot - Awesome Biplane! It just flies well. Period.
SOG4 - My Uncle's design. I'm still working out the kinks on my build. The way he can float endlessly on the lightest breeze is pretty amazing.
Spitfire - Currently the most exciting model in my active hanger. She is an absolute joy to fly! Crashed and repaired, and she flies wonderfully.
Edge 540 - Still scared of it. I want the skills to fly her, but I know that's going to take some more time. What an awesome build, though!
HeadBangs Easy A.F. Edge - Yes it is EAF to build! Flying it on the other hand? Still working on it. That's what it's for, though!
Storch - Not surprisingly, the largest and most docile plane in my active hanger. Super simple build, and very relaxing to fly.
Mig 3 - Still working on getting her dialed in. I have yet to open her up in the air. Lots more to come from this exciting flyer!

Mini Scout Biplane or MSBP - My own design, and an incredible flyer, if I do say so myself! Seriously. Build one. You won't be disappointed.
Mini Scout SpeedRacer - The MSBP with a mono wing. Currently to quick and slippery for my flying skills. I'm coming back to this one!

More to be added as they happen. I hope my experiences help someone else. If not, at least it's entertaining! :p
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