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Buzzer for lost plane???

I have seen the little alarms for when batteries get low. Is there anything like that for when your plane goes down and you know the general area, but you can't seem to find it due to tall grass or bushes or such? I am thinking where you would flip a switch on the TX and the buzzer/alarm goes off and you can follow that to the plane. Granted it would only work if the battery did not eject when it crashed. I ask cause I crash alot. I have in the past just used the throttle but would rather not do that.
Thanks Halcyon25! I looked at hobbyKing and didn't see this. It is a little different than what I was talking about, but should work fine.
They're pretty cheap and light plus will let you plug into an active channel, you just use it like an extension. I have some on my planes, enough so that I didn't loose one in the bean or corn field last time I went flying. If I didn't have them you know I'd still be outthere searching.