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C-119 Build Questions


Flugzeug Liebhaber
I have everything cut out and have three question:

H-stab and elevator score line near the rounded corners, I assume, is the elevator score line, is the score line near the square corners a fold line to double the LE or cut and move to center of Horizontal stabilizer?

Center section spars are cool, looks like this design can withstand a load. How to pass through structure? Inside fues pic and shot with powerpod removed would be greatly appreciated!

Any suggestions on how to make the outer wing sections removable? I don't think this will fit inside my 2013 4runner, and If I strap it to the top of the SUV I won't be able to take the interstate to the flying field.

If it will fly as good as it looks in the video, I'm tempted to use a glue compatible with foam and "spotweld" with hot glue to hold its position while other glue cures.


I have been thinking about how to make the wing able to separate for transport as well as I can only carry it around in a 2011 pathfinder..... The biggest problem I see is the wing has a gull-wing type angle to it where the nacelles sit on the wing. Managing a repeatable fold or way to reattach the outer wings is probably the way to go but I haven't been able to come up with a clean solution yet.

I will probably not attack it for a couple of months but it will stew till then. If someone else comes up with something sooner I'll let ya know here.
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Flugzeug Liebhaber
OK, Fire and rescue video 5:34 shows the h-stab with a LE doubler on the top side. That solves issue #1

Looks like a cut through the fuselage side is the only way to pass through the center section.

The power pods look like they rest below the wing in the engine nacelles, so the wings pass trough the nacelles. Are the outer wings removable?



Flugzeug Liebhaber
I'ts officially on the backburner untill the build video comes out. Im going assemble it, fly and trim it out, then give it to a guy I know who's dad used to fly them full scale.

I flew my kraken tonight for the first night flight with LEDs ablaze. People hung out at the airfield to see it. Yesterday I went to another RC strip and everyone there flew the kraken on my son's buddy box, except my wife. I'm getting 30 min out if the 6400 battery and still have 3.8 v per cell. One guy was so amazed by the bird he flamed on me about how he had to build one for himself, lol.... And I see my storch speed build kit will be delivered tomorrow....... Life is good! :cool:



Junior Member
I want to build one as it is one of my favorite planes but overwhelmed on where to start on the plans. I'm hoping they release a build video or even better a speed build kit.

I tried to tile the plans but they didn't format correctly. Then I had no idea how some of the parts fold or even where they would go?

The FT Viggen Speed build kit went together so well that I really would love a boxcar kit! Can't beat the lasercut precision of them.


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I think Flight Test would sell a ton of C-119 kits. I would certainly like to build one, but I'm not ready to wrestle those plans. There would be nothing else like it on the market. It would almost for sure be a strong seller. Hope you are reading this guys. I'll be looking for a really cool winter project along with a lot of others soon. This would fill the bill!
So, my grandson and I printed the plans this week. We used the 20x30 plan sheets referenced in the video comments and brought them home ready to build. I have many of the same questions listed above and realized that this is going to take a while. My grandson is 5 so I decided to start small. Here are a couple pics of our own Smokejumper design of Avalanche. I just sketched out a profile and built from there using the Boxcar fuse width and height as my guidelines. Used cardstock for the front and top to save weight.
Avalanche pic.JPG WyattandAvalance.JPG


I'm a care bear...Really?
nice job. Josh already said somewhere there will not be a build video for this. As for breaking it down for transport I suggest watching the how to build giant plane episode. Josh and david show how they built the 200% spitfire and cruiser. I'm in the process of getting the plans printed for me. I have a few ideas on how to make Cabbie break down into min 3 parts and up to 5 depending if I decide to take the wing section off. There will be a build thread on this. I will start it once I get a few things figured out and a couple questions answered.


Flugzeug Liebhaber
Pm me an address and I'll send you my prints. They were printed on a reprographics machine and are already cut out.

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FT CAD Gremlin
Staff member
I would really love to build one of these too. I went as far as to redraw all the parts in AutoCAD, but I'm a little lost as to how everything is supposed to fit together as well. If a group of us can figure this out, I would be willing to put together a more detailed set of plans and instructions for it. Of course all the credit for the design will still belong to Flite Test.


skunkworx hobbies
I was really tempted to build one that was in the 90" range. It would be nice too see some pics once you guys get it figured out.


Flugzeug Liebhaber
C-119 Tail Boom Assembly Order

Here is how I started the build:

Tail boom rear pieces are B folds.

Install rear Tail Boom lower closeouts flush with rear of Tail Boom

Front boom pieces are B folds.

Glue front and rear half booms together.

Installed vertical stabilizer/rudders.

27" x 3" pieces are filler closeouts for the front part of the engine nacelle area.

I left 3" setback at the very front as seen in the Fire and Rescue video.


Old Guy Geek
C-119 detachable wings

Are the wings too angled to reach a center block in the fuse? It wouldn't be too tough to add a hatch on top so you can pin the spars. I'd go with round carbon, 1/4" diameter or so... I just havent examined the problem yet but the Boxcar is on my short list to build. I used to see those fly over the playground in So Cal when I was a kid. They would fly low on their way to March AFB 1968 or so.

BTW, I was planning on using a combination of depron, dollar tree and 1/16th plywood, then coat the whole thing with minwax. I want it to last.

Anyway, post if you come up with a solution before I do. Got 10 planes in progress now so I wont be starting mine anytime soon.


Flugzeug Liebhaber
Outer Wing Build

I don't have the wings in front of me, on vacation.

Here is how I assembled the wings: Feel free to correct me where I deviate from the FT build videos!

B folded the spars

stood the wing top skin on it's root and positioned the lower skin until it matched the upper at the leading edge.

Opened the wing like a book with the leading edge as the spine in the center and the outer sides of the skin is on the table.

Aligned the tip at the root and taped the two leading edges together with small strips and flipped it over.

Placed a full piece of packing tape down the center of the leading edge skins, bonding the two together with tape. Pressed tape to ensure adhesion.

Flipped it over and cut the strips that held them aligned. Folded the skins so the outer sides are touching and the 50% score lines on the top skin is up and the lower skin is on the table. Beveled the Leading edges.

Spars B folded and ready to install in wing.

Skewered open the 50% bend lines on top skin, then glued spar to top of skin would be glued to the solid side and not the two logs of the spar. Aligned between 50% bend lines and make flush with wing root. Not sure if this spar installation is correct, but it looked good.

Opened the wing back up so it was bottom skin on table and checked the top skin fold shape. Glued 50% lines and held to ensure shape was capture as the glue cooled.

Opened back up and glued LE and spare. Allowed to cool.

Mark where to place glue on lower skin's TE

Opened TE with some scrap pieces and glued.

Trimmed TE of lower skin as there was access that blocked aileron travel.

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