Help! C-130 semi-scratch build near GP specs?

I've built the FT Guinea Pig, and a scratch Sky-Van(?) I call a "Sky-Truck". But now is the wait to paint, power packs, batteries, radio gear, etc...

I normally cut my Hot Pockets just after I cook them with a large chefs knife, just because I get kinda even bites. Hey, wait, wrong forum. Thought I was in the "Men Who Can Feed Themselves" forum. Oh well.
I've seen a couple of DTFB C-130 Herc... clones? I currently don't have a printer that works. Although my time machine I got for Christmas ten years ago does an okay job if I carry a 5 lbs. sledge hammer and use it sparingly. And killer robots aren't as bad as the movies make them out. Although it could be my time machine is blue, kinda box like, with a white blinking light on top.
I digress. I have a spec sheet (Wiki) on the basic measurements of a Herc and a Herc-30. (Extended Version) But alas, I can't print out any plans or pics to do some mock ups. But I can surmise a few things.
The cargo bay is 9 ft. tall, and inch under 10 ft. wide, and 40 ft. long. So its a rectangle standing a touch shorter than width, inside a tube. And if you look at a pic or have been inside, there is a doubler reinforcement section inside under the wings. So, the main fuselage is a box inside a tube, add turtle back pieces in between.
Trouble at the tail. The tube shape rolls into a wedged box end for the tail assembly and the cargo door(s).
Anyway, I'm going to start in "Paint" my go to drawing app, and see what I can come up with. Any help on design or size ideas will be appreciated!