Calibrate joystick help!


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I have a Turnigy Evolution and I noticed that when flying my drone rolls slowly left so I checked the Gyro and Accelerometer and they are fine, then I noticed my roll midpoint was at about 1484 intead of 1500. I tried calibrating it in the calibration menu and that did nothing, there are only options for changing end points but not mid points. I don't know what to do next can someone help me?


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As Andrew said you have to connect to the quad computer (props OFF) and watch the receiver tab in the gui so you can uses sub trim to properly set centers for each channel at 1500, then use end points or travel adjustment to set minimums to 1000 and max to 2000 for the best resolution with the sticks so you have more precise control. Keep in mind that not all radio systems are the same by default and let the travels be that wide. Some radios you have to set extended trims higher to allow for that. Usually from reading the magic number seems to be 147%. If your radio allows for it I also suggest disabling the trim switches on the front of the radio to avoid accidentally changing of these set parameters in the field. once set flight controllers NEVER need to be trimmed they only need to be reset on occasion in the gui as gimbals wear over time.