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Pumpkin drop event

California FPV


Super Cub Love
So my buddy and I grew up on rc off road racing. Even have a few trophies lying around the house from it. I bought my first full fledged rc plane in 2008 (Still flying it today) and he bought his last year. Were getting more and more into the hobby and just began doing some FPV. We've been using our hobbyzone super cubs to take up a kodak mini hd camera for some nice views. Theyre not the best by any means, but with bigger more stable aircraft and a go pro in our near future plans, expect the quality to improve. Here are our first two films

First FPV video over over Shasta Lake. At 3:28, never had I taken my cub to this altitude. You could barely see it from the ground. (Pilot: Me / Paul R Gornitzka) Watch for the shoutout at the end ;)

Second filmed just the other day at our favorite flying spot; Rancho San Antonio (Pilot: Eddy Bump)
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