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Can a computer display be modded to run on a 3S LiPO?


Rotor Riot!
So for my eventual groundstation I need a screen. Goggles are too expensive for me, and I can't share them with my friends while I fly.

So can I mod a standard LCD computer monitor to run on 12V as in a 3 cell LiPo? I have seen LG monitors having external power supplies, but I guess most monitors should be moddable - as in removing a power transformer inside it and wiring it directly to an XT60.

It should be possible, you need to open it and look at the power supply inside. You should be able to get the output after the transformer diodes...


Rotor Riot!


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Make sure it is LED backlit. If not the fluorescent lighting is a power hog.
Also lookout for models that blank the screen if signal is below a certain threshold or lost.
They can take precious moments to reestablish a visual when signal is reacquired.



Rotor Riot!
10.1 inch 12 volt.

(Sorry, it won't let me insert a hyperlink for some reason.)

My big concern with using a computer monitor will be the soldering. I have techs that bitch constantly about the ribbon connectors. I imagine that soldering leads to them will be worse than using your fingers to plug them into boards.
I see. So what about displays with an already external power supply? They have one of those round DC 12V jacks... Usually LG brand...
I have a small 7" display and it is connected to the same power-source as the rest of my groundstation - a 3S 5000 that lasts long time



Rotor Riot!
This is a much better option than what I offered.
Indeed, yet really expensive, not including shipping. I'll look around town and see if I find something useful. I have saved up 2 Benjamins which I am planning to spend on a quadcopter for FPV. I'll see what I find out.

Thanks anyway for your replies! More input is still welcome, though I won't spend more than $100 on the screen...


Rotor Riot!
$200 for the entire quad and FPV setup?
Unfortunately no. $200 will barely be enough for the quad itself! The FPV system I would prefer to buy is all but screen and battery for a shocking $230. But it's good gear from a good seller.

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there are some inexpensive LCD screens on Dealextreme with freeshipping !!! 45 dollars for 7" and 75 dollars for 10"
I'm most likely going to buy this:

7" TFT LCD Color Car Rearview Headrest Monitor DVD VCR | eBay

as I just got doubts about a VGA monitor accepting RCA (cheaply).