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Can anyone tell me what this plane is? (N1719M with picks)

Hi everyone, I recently purchased an old rc nitro pane at a garage sale for a great price. The problem is that I have not clue about how to operate a nitro/gas/glow plane. I have been only flying electric rc aircraft but this plane was such a bargain that i had to get it. I researched the model online but couldn't find any information about it. I need to first get the plane running and make sure everything is operating smoothly. If the plane functions well, then I will see if I can sell it. If I cant sell it for a decent price, I will keep it and fly it. I have no idea how much I should sell it for and was wondering if anyone knows how much it usually is. So If anyone knows what model this is, how much it sells for nowadays, and where I can find it online, please let me know. If anyone knows what type of engine it has and how much that sells for, feel free to respond. Also, I would really like to learn as much as I can about nitro engine planes and how to start them and operate them. Like I said, I don't have the slightest clue about how they work or what makes a good engine vs a bad one. So if anyone knows where I can find any good tutorials on engine powered rc planes, feel free to let me know. The pictures of the plane and its specifications are below

  • Transmitter: Futaba Attack-4, FP-T4NBL, AM72, 72.03mhz
  • Receiver: FP-R114H 4 Channel Receiver
  • Model : N1719M with elevator, rudder, and throttle control (foam air frame)
  • Servos: Futaba FP-S148 indirect drive
  • Engine: ENYA nitro engine
20150814_195839.jpg 20150814_195914.jpg 20150814_195946.jpg 20150814_200103.jpg 20150814_200136.jpg 20150814_200214.jpg 20150814_200249.jpg
What size Enya? In the early to mid 80's there were a few foam, glow powered, trainers. What is the wing span? I am guessing 48 ish inch wing span, and probably .10-.15 size engine, but that's only a swag. Carl Goldberg had full foamy glow trainer, but that doesn't look like it is it.... The Goldberg plane was the Ranger 42. I had a Ranger 42, so I know that's not it. Please provide more specs.