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Solved Can I fly


Elite member
Nope. All model flying is technically not exercise. You could fly a whoop inside, or one of those micro helis.
However if you are on private land away from other people it is going to be hard to enforce. I have closed private fields, which has enabled some lockdown flying. I am a long way from any other people or property as well.


Knower of useless information
It's not legal here in San Diego, CA right now either.

One of the clubs here reported that a member decided to go fly at an empty lot behind a department store. Law enforcement saw his plane in the air, and promptly pulled up and wrote him a ticket for $400. They told him he was under "stay at home" orders, and getting out to fly a model airplane did not constitute exercise, which the current rules are classified as.

You can argue it, but let's be honest, you're trying to find a creative loophole to get around the intent of the current lockdown.