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Can I put a mighty mini speedster wing into a mighty mini scout?

I guess you could, but I don't really see why you'd want to. Mounting a Speedster wing in the Scout doesn't really make the wing higher, because that's measured at the wing root, so dihedral/polyhedral don't come into play.

Swapping the wings only means you have a Scout with a polyhedral wing, probably not any extra stability.
Yeah plus the scout wing is already slow all you need is good throttle management. Also it would be impractical to put a mini speedster wing into a mini scout. The polyhedral may get in the way. Tl;DR just go with a mini scout. It is a pretty plane and a good plane as well. I would try to fly the mini scout but then bring down the throttle gradually to a point you like. Make a mental note of that point.
Thanks for the input. I was just thinking the polyhedral wing would be more stable than the dihedral wing. Also the wing root on the scout is higher than on the speedster I believe. I definitely want to keep throttle to a minimum
I did just a few weeks ago and I don’t know why but it did seem slower. Not sure if the speedster wing has a little more area maybe? However, I hadn’t flown the scout in a long time, so it may have just been me.
It does work, so to answer your question, yes!