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Can quad copter ESC's be overloaded from a motor upgrade

Hey all. I was wondering what if you had say, a 10A 4 in one ESC that runs great with a 2-3s battery on 1103 motors. would anything happen to the ESC's if you were to upgrade to 1106? would anything happen if you upgraded even further? specifically i wouldn't be changing the battery, because i know you can overload ESC's with too much voltage.

To put it simply, can upgrading only motors ever hurt the ESC's?

Thanks for the help!


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Look at the specs for the motors. What ESC size do they recommend? Is it <= to your 10A. If so, you are fine. I doubt that 1106 motors are going to be pulling > 10A, but I could be wrong.



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Motors will draw what ever you can feed them up to what ever physical limits for the windings are. What you need to do is match maximum power draw for the motor (watts) to the maximum continuous power output of the esc. Both items should have their ratings posted on any site that sells them. If not go to the manufacturer and cross check there.

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Hey thanks for the great info! i checked out some 1106 motors and it said on a 3s battery each motor would pull 4.4A. Does the amp rating on the 4in1 ESC's account for each esc seperately, or is that 10A limit for all four ESC's combined?


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Should say on the data sheet. I have not personally looked into a 4 in one as I think esc's are common part to die and if you kill one side of a 4 in one your paying to replace them all not just one. I would assume they still go by the "Per" channel rating as they still have to match properly to motors and thats extra maths for people to work out and get wrong.


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Use what gear you think suits your needs best mate. You are the one paying for it and you are the one using it. Do not let what others think or say sway your thoughts. Take them into consideration when making a decision but don't do it "Just because so and so does"