Can the FT Cub run as a bank and yank?


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I just broke my last servo so only have enough for the allerons and elevator but we want to get this in the sky this week for reasons I won't bore you with, so does anybody know if the Simple Cub can run as a bank and yank?

I'm usually flying the bloody wonder or speed demon so bank and yank is second to none for me.



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ground handling is going to be tough w/o a rudder. if you hand launch, which you can, it will be just fine though.

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Yeah it flew fine initially, it had a F411W flight controller in, but after about four flights it started nosing into the ground for no reason on (hand) launches, I think the flight controller is fubar, this isn't the first plane it's destroyed after flying fine for weeks.

So in answer to my original question yes it does so long as you hand launch.

I don't mind it's been destroyed, it was a sacrificial lamb anyway, we wanted something cheap to chase with our quads down the club field, so the intention was throw this up, stick it in loiter and chase away, so it'll be back to the wing for now, unfortunately the wing is black so seeing in is really difficult lol.
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It was like a target drone! You should paint it’s replacement orange or red and yellow and mark it up like a Jindivik.
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Ive been thinking about painting the wing fluorescent yellow or green, just not sure how much weight it'll add.


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Oh interesting thanks @Merv I decided to rebuild it and chopped the nose off and stuck a new one on, re-flashed the 411 and made a small change and hey presto, it flies like a bird, so I'll try and incorporate that in next time it's looked at.

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Bank and yank is the only way I fly my cubs, never touch the rudder and it's purely a trim surface on my cubs :)