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Can the FT Flyer Carry a GoPro?

FT Flyer FPV

I thought that such a small plane with no foil would have a terrible time carrying the GoPro but I was quite mistaken! You could almost FPV this thing!

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I like using my keychain cams that can really go on anything, but they don't give near as good a picture as you're GoPro does AND evidently you can put that on darn near everything as well.

Nice vids.


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Nice, I fortunately have never had the camera pointing at me as I vigorously shake a tree. I have concluded that I will wait until I get an FPV setup to get a gopro. I would be too afraid to do the stupid things I do with an expensive camera. At least then i can get a somewhat idea of where the damn plane went, three claimed to the skies so far. I write my number on everything now.