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Can this work ? LP6DSM


Junior Member
Would love to get into scratch building and have been obsessed with the FT website. What a great niche that I have not discovered yet and I think I should have started here all along.

I'm reaching out to ask If my blade 200 srX TX would be suitable to use flying some FT scratch builds. What I know about this TX is that its a 6 channel, proportional <--does this mean analog in other words ? It has 10 DIM or DIN switches does this reverse the servo throws ? It has HI-LO rates. A three position switch and a panic toggle that I think is also used as a bind function. A trainer port. This is Spektrum brand 2.4ghz DSM/dsmX (regurgitated from TX case)

With a little trouble shooting and a RX will this work ? I imagine it won't mix certain things properly say when trying to fly the versa wing type craft , but would this work with say FT flyer ? and what type of craft would I be limited to and not limited to ?

Thanks for any of your insight, If this has been answered already please redirect me I did do a few searches though before posting .