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Help! Can you make a glider out of cardboard.?


Knower of useless information
So I wanted to build I glider but the shop near me ran out of foam so I was wondering If i could use cardboard instead
You can try it, but I don't think it'll have the strength of foamboard for the weight. I can't imagine some of the bigger wings holding together and being sturdy enough with it.

That said, I know people at my club have made combat Versa Wings out of coroplast, which is a corrugated thin plastic, used for a lot of signboards. It's lighter than foam, more rigid, but also more expensive than foam board sheets of the same size.
Look in the show section for the "Pizza plane" or "Slice" delta, made from a pizza box. Build one without motor and find a good slope with a lot of wind. That'll work.

Cardboard thermal glider.............difficult, and will require a fair bit of both glider and building experience to get light enough to work. And it will never be a hi-end performer.
The tiny trainer should do ok, too, if cut from a few pizza Boxes or other corrugated cardboard.

Looking at your build I get the feeling I should build a slice as well. If only I weren't on a diet... haven't had a pizza since Flite Fest.