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Canadian RC flyer new to FT builds


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And I'm loving it! My local-ish hobby shop has a couple guys who have gotten big into combat, and they sell an equivalent to Power Pack C to get Bloody Barons and Bloody Wonders into the sky at an affordable price in Canuck Bucks. Of course there are a lot of planes that you can power with C, so I'm pretty excited. I hate ordering online and waiting forever for shipping from China.

I decided to do my first build, the LongEZ glider with no airfoil to mess with, it was so easy to build and this foam is amazingly sturdy through many crashes. My Bloody Baron is on the build table right now, I'm pretty excited to get it in the air.

Building these foam board planes really brings back the joy of building rather than just flying RC planes. I really feel like it's the future of the hobby.

For those Canadians looking for foam, yes Dollar Tree stores carry white and black foam, no they don't have a clue what you are looking for. It's in with the poster boards. Looks like our hobby shop may be getting in FT foam in the future so it would be great to get the good stuff!


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Welcome. But may I give you a warning. It is addicting. I started thinking I'd have a few planes and I'd enjoy it from time to time but now... I've got 10+ planes, a few that I've built months ago and got all painted up and looking good and haven't even flown yet. My whole hobby/computer rooms walls are covered in foam board planes, both FT and community designs.

This "FT" hobby also got me deep into 3d printing. I now make all kinds of stuff from little toys for my kids to brackets to fix drawers, not to mention FT based stuff like control horns, skiis, spinners, and accessories like fake motors.

Anyway, long story short, be prepared to be sucked in. In a good way. The forum is here to help. I'm alone in this hobby personally and if it weren't for this forum I wouldn't be where I am today with it that's for sure. Basically, this forum/community is a priceless resource for the hobby.

Enjoy it, and welcome!
And welcome from the wet coast ... having lots of fun building....and yes my local dollar tree has no clue...but they sure go through that foam Board.


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Lol there is no white foam board at any dollar tree in any town just south of Edmonton as of yesterday. But there is 141 sheets in my basement! If you ask they will order in cases for you. Show em pictures of what you are doing with it, that helps to grease the wheels of getting them to help you.

Welcome to the madness!


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Lol there is no white foam board at any dollar tree in any town just south of Edmonton as of yesterday. But there is 141 sheets in my basement!
That's just evil. But in a good way. Evil in a good way... How is that possible?:unsure:
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Yep, I'm in deep. I've been flying RC for years but I'm new to this build style and material. I hadn't built anything in a long time, other than simple assembly and repair of precast foamies. They looked prettier but this is way more fun.

A shop in town has a 3d printer and I get them to print me little bits once in awhile, now I need to ask them to get a laser cutter too. Honestly I might build one as they build cheap and I can see quite a few uses for one in the shop.

I'm still amazed how the foamboard is almost perfect for the application, when it was designed for something totally different. I'm sure far more of it becomes airplanes than anything else these days!


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I grew up out there in the rain, but now I fly the clear and windy skies of Saskatchewan. You guys are going to need that waterproof foam board.

I learned to fly and did my first flights as a teenager with Airtime Canada out of CZBB many years ago! I started my PPL but between work, school and more I never got a chance to complete it. Now that I'm in my 30s and settled down, I'm hoping to get that under my belt and either build or buy myself a real set of wings before I'm 40. For now RC keeps me in the skies, and that's better than sitting on the ground dreaming!
Oh yes waterproofing or a very sunny day. Drewsky93, happy to get together sometime but my flying experience is seriously dated so no brilliant flier here to help with....I have yet to start crashing my own 😀
Nice, i am in chilliwack/rosedale area. If you are looking for someone to fly with let me know. Could use someone with experience to learn from.
Welcome from another newbie! Still very new to this, but would also enjoy getting together with others once the weather improves. I am in Aldergrove, so not too far away :)