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I know nothing!
Oh My Frackin' Gosh! That is the most BA-Utiful thing I have seen in a long time! I'll be honest. It looks like a really stupid hoax. It looks like it started out as a plane and then you just gave up. Don't. Don't give it up. Finish it. Finish the tail, and then go fly it. You've got to fly that thing! Oh, you've got to have video of that flight.

It's a law. Recently passed, you may not of heard of it. I am reading and stating from the public record:

"All stupid-ass planes must first do a CRAP check, and any subsequent flight must be recorded and disseminated via social media." Dude, I don't make the law. I'm just letting you know. :)
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Dude, I don't make the law. I'm just letting you know. :)

I personally think that anything from recycled materials is worth it. If it flys I will definitely be building one myself taking it into a recycle center that we have in the city and make an family event out of it. Promise.