Can't get Punjet to fly. What am I doing wrong?

I purchased the standard (recommended) Punjet setup from FT - the Power Pack A (Minis) and I cannot get it to fly. I am using the Loong-Max 800mAh 3s 20c Lipo Battery sold on FT, and the setup together doesn't produce enough thrust to fly. Also, I built according to instructions, and had to trim over 1/4" from the vertical stabilizers so the prop could clear. Battery is fully charged, prop is facing the correct direction, motor is turning the proper direction, no extra weight on the airframe. What am I doing wrong?


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Welcome to the FT forums! Did you calibrate your ESC? You do that, preferably with the prop off, by following these steps:

1) Power up transmitter
2) Raise throttle to max
3) power up ESC/motor by connecting battery
4) listen to a few tones emit from the motor at the end of which, you immediately:
5) drop throttle to lowest.

Unplug battery, and reconnect with prop installed.

Should have more thrust now.