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Can't get quad right again after crash

Hi Everyone,

First of all, thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide I am greatly appreciative. I am at my wit's end with this and have tried everything I know to do.

My setup:
XRotor F4 G2 stack with 45 amp Xrotor ESC's
TMotor f-40 pro III 2600kv
Ummagawd frame
AKK Ultimate 1000mw
Foxeer Preditor

Betaflight 4.0.5

I crashed this quad into a tree. When I got it back I inspected it and it had no damage that I could see. I armed it again and gave it a little throttle the quad shot up to full throttle and took off. I disarmed the quad and it crashed this time breaking an arm and motor 1. I replaced the arm and motor and reflashed and set up betaflight again and tried again this time with no props. The motors armed at almost full throttle and the quad vibrated hard on the yaw axis leaving motor 1 and 3 scorching hot. I thought maybe motor 3 was bad as well and replaced it to no avail. I have another quad with the same stack so I then replaced the ESC with working one, this did not fix the problem so I replaced the FC as well and this didn't fix it. I also replace d the receiver with no luck. I then moved the "working" ESC and FC back to the other quad that was working and now that quad is also arming at full throttle!!!!!!! I put back together the first quad and it is still doing the same thing so now I have 2 unflyable quads. Finally last night I turned off airmode in betaflight and helped but did not fix the problem. The motors are no longer shooting to the moon but the is a ton of vibration and intermittently the yaw axis becomes extra shaky and motors 1 and 3 still are getting hot. Do you have any idea what I can try next? I am at a loss. Thanks again


Eternal Student
I haven't actually heard of anyone having a good time with Betaflight 4.0. I'd recommend reverting to the last 3.5.x version and see if that helps.
Thank you for the advice. I tried to roll it back to 3.5.3 with no luck. Then I found a crack in the frame that I didn't see all this time. I'm such an idiot. I put those gut into a new Marmotte and everything flies pretty well. I just need to work on the tune now. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. The community here is great.